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Jennifer Parroccini                     

Modification Menu Workshop at Dances 
(Students In-Person/Teacher Virtual)            
February 18:  10:00 am-1:00 pm
Snacks, water, coffee, and hot tea provided

Limited to 15 students

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About the workshop:

Being able to recognize the need for, and execute, modifications is the key to getting a bespoke fit. But many knitters come to the craft without a background in sewing or tailoring, and aren’t even aware of what’s possible. This three-hour class for knitters teaches the basics of getting a great size and gives them a tour of what’s available.

Please note: Students will attend the workshop in-person at Dances with Wool. Jen will be teaching virtually, with Dances staff available for student assistance.

• Understand why your sweaters might not have the fit you expected
• Learn to decode a schematic and relate it to your own measurements
• Understand what modifications CAN be made, and make informed choices about which ones will impact fit

Class Materials
• Handout with key points that attendees can refer back to
• Resource sheet with places to find more information to execute modifications and learn more about fit

Participants will also have the opportunity to bring in a sweater to have their fit assessed, and will have the chance to have their measurements taken.

Class Outline
1. Values
2. Understand why you have a fit issue
3. Understanding Schematics
4. Choosing a better size
5. Modification process
6. Modifications you can make and what they’ll do
7. High level focus on bust darts
8. High level focus on neck shaping
9. High level focus on bicep adjustments
About Jen

Every knitter - that's you - deserves a wardrobe rich in sweaters that make you feel like your most radiant self. To open your sweater drawer and see nothing but favorites. Sweaters that fit, that are comfortable for your daily life, that work with the rest of your closet, and that were a thrill to knit. You know, an absolute ARMLOAD of favorite sweaters.​

So I write knitting patterns - specifically, patterns for garments and accessories that you're going to wear over, and over, and over. Size inclusive, fine-finishing, make-worthy sweaters for the body you have right now.


My patterns are transparent, so you'll know what you're getting into before you buy. I'll give you great info on choosing a size. You'll probably learn some new skills, but you'll probably only tackle one new thing at a time. You're going to invest your time and resources in knitting, and I'm going to help you love the finished product.


You deserve, frankly, perfect sweaters - and you've got this! I'm here for you every step of the way. Truly!

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