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Schacht Spinning Wheel Whorls

Schacht offers a wide variety of whorls, compatible with the Ladybug, Matchless, Sidekick, and Flatiron wheels. Whorls allow the bobbin to turn at a particular speed in relation to the revolutions of the wheel's drive band. This relationship is given as a spinning ratio. A slower (bigger) whorl will slow down the bobbin and produce a yarn with less twist; a faster (smaller) whorl will speed up the bobbin and produce a yarn with more twist. Each Schacht whorl has a bigger and smaller ridge into which the drive band can sit, so each whorl gives two possible spinning ratios. You can see all the ratios in Schacht's Spinning Wheel Guide. So what whorl to use? It depends on your treadling rate, the fiber you're spinning, and the amount twist you want. There are no hard and fast rules about whorls. Choose a whorl that helps your wheel do as much of the work for you as possible. In general select bigger whorls for coarser or longer staple length fiber or less twist in the finished yarn; select smaller whorls for shorter staple or finer fibers or more twist in the finished yarn. We are happy to answer any questions and help you select the right whorls for you! 

All the whorls we offer are made from hard maple. The extra slow whorls cannot be used on the Sidekick wheel. High speed bobbins are required for spinning with the high or super high speed whorls in double drive mode only (high speed bobbins NOT required for Scotch tension). Super Slow whorl NOT for use with Sidekick wheel. 

Slow and High speed whorls are typically kept in stock for immediate shipping. All other sizes are drop-shipped directly from Schacht - please contact us for more details, including shipping & handling fees!

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