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Sidekick Spinning Wheel

The Sidekick is Schacht's travel spinning wheel. It's designed to fold easily yet be a solid spinner, with the same high-quality construction as all of Schacht's products. The Sidekick folds to 21.5" high by 8.25" wide by 15" deep and weighs just 13 pounds. You have the option to purchase the complete wheel with the flyer assembly but, if you already own a Ladybug, Matchless, or Flatiron wheel you can purchase the Sidekick without a flyer, as the flyers and bobbins for all of these wheels are interchangeable! The Sidekick utilizes Scotch tension and has a 25" high orifice for comfortable spinning.

Sidekick spinning wheel package includes:

Spinning wheel (your choice of with or without flyer assembly)
Poly drive band
Threading orifice hook
Three travel bobbins
Medium and fast whorls
Adjustable carry strap
Durable carry bag

Be sure to check out all the additional accessories we can order for you!

Have questions? You can send us an email at or give us a call at 804-594-5849 or complete this Google form and we will contact you!

Please note: All spinning wheel packages are drop-shipped directly to you from Schacht. In addition to the retail price + tax you will also pay Schacht's shipping rate and handling fee. (If you are purchasing any additional accessories we will work with Schacht to bundle things together to save on shipping/handling as much as possible!) Once we send your order information to Schacht we will contact you with your estimated ship date. When your order is ready to ship we will call your to collect shipping/handling (beyond our standard flat rate shipping fee).

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