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Hand Carders

Schacht hand carders are built for a lifetime of processing/prepping fleece and fiber for spinning. The paddles are specially shaped to protect the carding cloth from wear, and they attach to the handles with tenons for superior strength. They come in a variety of sizes and points-per-square-inch (psi) carding cloth options!

***Note: Medium carders are generally available in-stock for immediate purchase/shipping. All other styles are drop-ship only.***

Mini - small and lightweight, perfect for sampling or taking on the go. Available only with 72 psi. 

Medium & Fine - Medium has 72 psi and is perfect for most wools, Fine has 112 psi and is great for very fine wools, alpaca, and other downy fibers. 

Cotton - these carders are wider and slightly narrower than the Medium & Fine. With 208 psi they are perfect for cotton and other very fine fibers such as angora or cashmere. 

Flick - used to separate and tease fibers to prep for techniques like lock spinning. Comes in 72 psi and as single carder; you will need to work with it against a piece of heavy canvas or leather. 

Please note: This item will be drop-shipped directly to you from Schacht. In addition to the retail price + tax you will also be charged Schacht's shipping rate and handling fee. (If you are ordering a spinning wheel or additional accessories we will work with Schacht to bundle things together to save on shipping/handling as much as possible!) Once we send your order information to Schacht we will contact you with your estimated ship date and to collect shipping/handling. To place your order, or if you have any questions, please call the shop at 804-594-5849 during regular business hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm Easter time) or email us at

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