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People You Will Meet at Dances

Debbie Floyd, Owner

Knitting has been a passion of Debbie's for the last 20 years. Learning at the age of ten, the needles were soon put away as she entered the teenage years, and they remained packed away while she went on to college, raised three children, carted said children to MANY activities, attended grad school, and taught middle school first as a sixth grade teacher and then as the librarian. She picked up needles again on vacation during the fun-fur faze, after visiting a yarn store with a friend. She hasn't stopped since, and there isn't a city she visits that she doesn't find the nearest yarn store. Debbie retired in 2016 following an educational career of 31 years and decided opening the store two months later would be her "chapter 2". It is her sincere hope that Dances is a place where you find great yarn and also experience a welcoming and inclusive gathering spot where you just want to sit and share companionship and a cup of coffee with others who love the craft. Welcome!

Erin Lowery, Shop Manager

Erin didn't have a grandmother, mother, or anyone else teach her to knit as a child. She didn't pick up her first set of needles until her early 20s when she purchased a “Learn To Knit” kit at a big-box craft store on a whim. The yarn wasn’t the best quality, one of the aluminum needles was a little bent, and the book’s pictures were terrible. (Fun fact: For the first couple of years she twisted all her knit stitches without realizing!) But something about the hobby just captured her. Twenty years later, she refers to her knitting as a “lifestyle” and is never without multiple projects on the needles. Several years ago another kit introduced her to spinning yarn, which quickly built into another beloved hobby. Now entire sheep fleece follow her home from festivals, and she adores all aspects of the fiber world!

Nikki Katsaros

As a young child, Nikki learned the basics of knitting from a beloved aunt. Periodically she would pick up needles and yarn to knit small squares or strips that became little scarves for stuffed toys. Fast forward through the busy years of college, graduate school, work life, marriage and motherhood - the knitting interest continued. When her youngest child started school Nikki decided to learn to knit garments. Twice she enrolled in knitting classes at craft stores only to be disappointed when they were cancelled due to low enrollment. Not willing to give up on yarn and sticks, she bought a book, some bright, fabulously pink Anny Blatt 100% wool yarn and knit a cardigan. There are mistakes in that cardigan and the finish work is imperfect. However, so much has been gained – knitting friends, a whole world of fiber, the sharing of knitting skills and the life long learning of new skills. In addition, Nikki realized a valuable lesson with that solo project. It is one that she would like to share with all would be knitters. That is, that there is little to no risk in knitting. It is a forgiving, fun and exciting personal art form which yields great reward. After years of happy knitting, Nikki still wears that imperfect sweater on cold winter days while preparing supper or puttering around the house. By the way - the color is still fab!

Karen Gilman

Karen learned how to knit as a child. Taught by her aunt, she used to stand over her shoulder to watch her knit. As a child, she used to make her father take her to yarn shops to buy yarn. Karen started with hats which consisted of a simple band (no pattern!), making them long enough to go over her ears and chaining a cord long enough to tie underneath the chin. She started working for yarn shops when she moved to Richmond 25 years ago. Many of you may recognize her from the Yarn Lounge. Favorite thing to knit…sweaters. When you come in, she will surely be sporting her latest creation!

Lucy Floyd

Lucy has been Debbie’s faithful companion since 2012. She is a rescue through the Lab Rescue of the Potomac, after being found on a street severely malnourished. It didn’t take long for Debbie and Lucy to form a deep bond. She is a mama’s girl with a gentle soul who loves people and greeting customers when they visit Dances. You can usually find her in the shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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