Dances With Wool

Self Care for Knitters

Self Care for Knitters with Robin Raver

Self Care for Knitters with Robin Raver


Achy hands? Tight neck? Tingly fingers? Stiff back? Sore wrists or elbows? 

Join us for a night of self-massage, gentle seated stretching and a few other techniques that will keep you knitting for years to come! 

Robin Raver was taught to knit when she was very young by her mother. Many years later on a visit home, she walked in to find her mother teaching her sister and a friend how to knit. Immediately, she joined in to relearn.

After knitting one scarf, she moved on to more lofty projects and has been a knitting fanatic ever since. She is a full time massage therapist and yoga teacher, but in the last several years she has become a farmers' market vendor, a commission knitter (including all the knitting for the AMC show, TURN), a knitting teacher and a designer. These days, her mom calls her with knitting questions!

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