News for Participants

Be sure to have your picture of this section posted to the Ravelry group by Thursday, November, 1.  New prize is a copy of the new MAKING magazine to be published October 30. Section 9 Tips:

Welcome to section 9, Pattern Both Sides. Here are a few tips for this section:

  • Watch the knit purl hunter video P2Tog tbl. 

  • There are no resting rows or wrong side purl rows. You will be doing increases and decreases on both sides 

  • Life lines are best on row 4 or 8.

    As always, please come in and get help if you have trouble with any of the sections.  Just be sure to use those lifelines frequently!!

November:  Friday, November 2 or Saturday, November 3 (THIS IS A CHANGE)   -11:00 AM  Applied Borders and Blocking How-tos. This is a change from the date originally published. If you’re ready to begin the section, come in and we’ll watch the videos and get started on this section together. We can support and encourage each other!

December:  Monday, December 10   -Shawl fashion show!  Come show off your shawl, and admire the work of others.  We'll have catered hors d'oeuvres and wine.  Jan Suttenfield, former Stein Mart Special Events Coordinator, will be emcee for the evening. The representative from Skacel (publisher of the book, Building with Lace and distributor of Rylie-Hikoo yarn used in the project) will be attending.