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Courage Shawl by Shannon Cook

Courage Shawl by Shannon Cook


From the designer Shannon Cook …

“This shawl is meant to soothe your soul. Designed during a time in my life that I needed to have courage, it’s a project that you can get lost in, but also express your emotions and personality through. The mosaic knitting technique creates a gorgeous pattern while still letting your mind relax, so whether it’s knit during your happiest or most challenging time, Courage will bring you solace and joy. Choose colors that inspire you, and wear this shawl bravely as a symbol of your own personal journey.”

Kit Includes:

2 Skeins of Kelbourne Woolens Germantown; Navy Blue

1 Skein of Kelbourne Woolens Germantown; Natural

2 Skeins of Spincycle Yarns; Mississippi Marsala

Pattern Sold Separately on Ravelry

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