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Design Class: Design Your Own Traditional Colorwork Sweater with Kristina

Design Class: Design Your Own Traditional Colorwork Sweater with Kristina


Experience Level:   PRIOR SWEATER KNITTING EXPERIENCE A MUST! Participants should have a firm grasp of Knits, Purls, Increases/Decreases and a general idea of short rows. Students should have completed at least one garment. For the sake of honesty and alleviating frustration, Kristina reserves the right to asses a students skills at any point in the first class or prior to. If you aren't sure of your personal skills, please email Kristina directly at 90% of a teachers job is instilling confidence in a student and 10% actually teaching. Most knitters have the skills, but look at a project like this as a huge undertaking, it's just a mitten with 2 thumbs!

Scandinavian, Norwegian, Geometric, little bits of color! What do they all have in common? Stranded Color Work. There was a point in our past where color work was common, and in many parts of the world it still is, but at some point in our own past, it became scary and hard and just plain daunting. Color work should not be any of those things, it should be wonderful, beautiful and uniquely you. In this workshop you will design and knit, a yoke neck, color work pullover in the style of your choosing. You will learn how to knit to your unique shape, short rows and stranded color work. As usual, I support every one of my classes, if you start and hit a snag, or just get anxious along the way, I'm there to boost your confidence and help.

This series includes a private blocking lesson with Kristina at her studio once your sweater is complete. Time to be determined by each student.


Dates: Sundays, Sept.8, Oct 11, Nov 10 11:00-1:00


  • The Pattern: please bring a printed or digital copy. You also have the option of purchasing the book in the shop.

  • Yarn of choice: The pattern has options for fingering, dk and worsted, so use what you like, we'll figure out the math together. The design you choose will determine how many colors you actually need, so choose a base with lots of options, for the sake of this class, you need 2 colors to start. It is perfectly alright to design as you go.

  • Needles: Needles determined by swatch

  • A notebook, pen and measuring tape will also be handy

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Part 1: Getting Started

The hardest part of making a sweater is sizing it to flatter you. We are not all perfectly proportioned, or slim. You live in your skin, and only you know what works on it. So let’s take measurements that count and find the right fit for you. Ladies, please wear your most "uplifting" brassier (yes, it helps), gentleman, bring your good posture :) No judgements what so ever, the goal is to make something that looks as good as it feels. As we will be working this top-down, we'll design our yokes and any sleeve/hem details we want. As this class will be moving fast, we will cast on and get going.

Prep work: Swatches. You will need both a single color and a colorwork swatch, both knit in the round. It is very common to need to change needle size for colorwork. Refer to this video for help swatching in the round. Please, block your swatches prior to class.

Part 2: The Body

Part 3: Sleeves