The Science of Pi

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The Science of Pi


Have you ever wondered how a Pi shawl works? Want to try your hand at a design of your very own? Join Kristina for 3 - 2 hour sessions to understand the math and design a Pi shawl that is uniquely you. We'll discuss yarn, gauge, drape, graphing and finishing. You'll start with a concept and end with a shawl, just in time for those holiday parties!



Saturday, September 16   11am - 1pm

On this day we will talk about all that pesky math and make a plan. We'll look through stitch books and discuss how to design your overall shawl.  Bring a notebook, pen and your imagination. You do not need to bring yarn or needles just yet, often the yarn in your hand doesn't fit the design in your head.


Saturday, October 28  11am - 1:00pm

Part 2 has us swatching our various motifs and starting our patterns. Bring needles of various sizes to determine different drapes and gauges. If you have a yarn, bring that as well, if not, the Knitting Addiction Truck will be on hand as well as the vast selection in the shop! Bring a laptop or tablet if you have one, we'll be talking about graphs and how to make one.



Saturday, November 18  11:00am - 1:00pm

The final Chapter! You've made the swatches, you've designed a shawl. Now we will talk borders and finishing. Knitted on borders mean no tight bind offs, which may be the best thing ever.  We'll talk about weaving in any pesky ends and just how to block one of these shawls so it's a perfect circle. Bring your project and all your notes!


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