Finish It: Making Your Project Shine with Jennifer


Finish It: Making Your Project Shine with Jennifer


Our project is finished and now it's time to put it together. Stumped by seaming? Baffled by blocking? Wondering about weaving in ends? Let Jennifer help break it all down and get your projects... finished!

Skills Needed: basic knitting or crochet skills.

Skills learned:
- different ways to seam, focusing on the mattress stitch.
- tips on blocking
- weaving in ends
- preventing or solving projects like curled hems, wrinkly seams, and much more.

- blunt tip tapestry needle
- sharp tip needle, with eye that your yarn can fit through (optional, but very helpful. The teacher will have extras to borrow if necessary)
- locking stitch markers or safety pins
- yarn or embroidery floss in contrasting color to yarn swatches are knitted in

Bring in at least 4 swatches – 2 in stockinette, and the other 2 in garter, at least 5 x 5". Do not slip edge stitches. If possible, block them before-hand. We will practice finishing techniques on them. If you have a project you are interested in advice in finishing, bring the project and the pattern and we will talk strategies to finish at the end of the class.

Sunday, April 7, 2019 1:00-3:00 PM

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