Choose Your Own Adventure: Selbuvotten

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selbu mittens.jpg

Choose Your Own Adventure: Selbuvotten


The literal translation of Selbuvotten is Proper (Selbu) Mitten (Votten), but Selbu knitting has nothing to do with it's translation, although it does fit nicely. Selbu is a small town in Norway, that re-popularize the Selburose, the 8 pointed star motif that we generally think of when we think of Norwegian color work. It's a fairly recent development for Norway, as they were part of Denmark until the late 1800's, which is when the Selburose became theirs so to speak. 

Color work doesn't really have a specific origin country so much as its origins are anywhere knitters and weavers were found. The unique design of the Selbu Mitten does have its origins in Selbu, Norway, however, coming about in the late 1800's, this particular mitten helped boost Norway's economy when they were a new, independent country, but enough history.

Choose your own! Choose your pattern from Skeindeer Knits, choose your yarn (of course), choose your method (dpns, small circular, or magic loop) knit one or 2 at a time. You choose your knitting adventure.

This class is open to all knitters with the following skills: knit, purl, decrease, increase and knitting in the round. You do not need color work or chart reading skills, I will be giving you all the tricks to achieve a wonderful, uniquely you, pair of mittens.

Materials you will need:

  • Patterns from Skeindeer Knits found Here

  • Yarn per pattern

  • Needles of choice per pattern gauge (please swatch in color work, if you are unsure of the method, please contact me ahead of class)

  • Stitch markers

  • Row counter or scratch paper

  • Waste yarn, non wool

 Sundays, January 6 & 20, February 3, 3-5pm

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