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We are so happy you want to take a class with us!  It is our hope that you will enjoy the community aspect of our classes in an inviting and comfortable space while building skills.  Our talented and experienced teachers want you to have fun and enjoy being a student again as you learn techniques that can be applied to future projects.  We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Current Classes

Special class codes for fall classes:

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  • Take four classes in 2019, and use the code 4THFORHALF to receive 1/2 off your 4th class with us.

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Our Wonderful Instructors!

Pam Winne

Pam Winne

Pam’s love of all things fiber related began at a young age when her grandmother taught her to crochet. She went from crocheting potholders to designing her own granny square vests to wear while in Middle School. She learned to sew in High School, going on to create her own wedding dress.

About 30 years ago, she took a beginner knitting class, during which she knit her very first sweater. Wanting to learn more, she took a second class where she created another sweater, this one with 3 different colors of yarn, intarsia, and cables. That was the beginning of her love of knitting, and it has only continued to grow.

Pam went on to start a knitting group while living in Wiesbaden, Germany for 3 years. The knitting group was made up of other Americans (both female and male) stationed in Wiesbaden, as well as several German locals. While living overseas, she sought out yarn stores in each country she visited with her family so that she could purchase yarn as her souvenirs. Those yarn souvenirs were lovingly turned into a “Paris shawl”, a “Prague scarf”, an “Amsterdam shawl”, and so on. Each time she wears these items, it brings back wonderful memories of those past adventures.

Pam has won multiple awards for her knitting at the Chesterfield County Fair and the Virginia State Fair, including Best In Show, 10 First Place ribbons, 5 Second Place ribbons, and 1 Third Place ribbon.

Pam has taught many friends and family members to knit throughout the years. She is a Craft Yarn Council Certified Knitting Instructor and truly enjoys sharing her love of knitting with everyone who wants to learn. Be sure to join one of her classes so she can share her excitement for knitting with you!

Penelope Maurakis

Penelope Maurakis

Meet Penelope, a wonderful crochet teacher that has joined our teaching staff. Penelope also offers private crochet lessons.

Penelope’s grandmother (Yiayia) crocheted every day and taught her how to crochet when she was young.  Three years ago, Penelope was given her Yiayia’s crochet hooks by her aunt.  With these “Yiayia’s Hooks,” she renewed her interest in yarn art.  Crocheting has become like meditating for her - a great way to relax.  Now that her sons are both away at college, she has found time to crochet with the slower pace of life at home.  Penelope enjoys making gifts for friends and family, and is especially fond of making shawls.  She enjoys challenging herself with new crochet techniques and stitches.

Penelope is an early childhood special education teacher.  Her goal in teaching crochet is to make it easy and accessible and hopes others will find the same joy, relaxation and fulfillment from crocheting as she does

Kristina Parker

Kristina Parker

Kristina Parker is another experienced teacher who has joined our teaching staff.  She offers private lessons as well as classes.  

At the tender age of 8, when most girls were rushing home from school to race through homework and play with friends, Kristina was walking to the library. She found adventure and knowledge in the endless shelves of books and could often be found tucked into a corner with several books at her disposal. Day after day, month after month, she would walk into that Milford, NH library, backpack in hand, thirsting for knowledge. After a few months, the librarians put her to work, putting books away, rearranging sections and updating the card catalog. In lieu of payment, the library let her take any classes they offered, free of charge. So she learned to cross stitch and sew, she learned basket weaving and all about Laura Ingalls Wilder. While she wasn’t great at any of it, she loved the comradery of crafters and artisans, that a loner child could walk into a room and instantly be welcome, was bliss.  One day it happened, she found her love of all things fiber.  It was a snowy afternoon when Kristina was handed a skein of Christmas Red, Red Heart yarn and long size US10 needles.  Those needles twacked her ribs and elbows as she worked, but she didn’t mind.  She learned a backward loop cast on and the simple knit stitch that day, and all was right with the world. It would be a year before she learned to purl and bind off from her left handed Grandmother, and several years before she could read a pattern, but the simple joy of knitting was part of her soul. Kristina’s mother taught her to crochet when she was 13, and the love expanded. In her early 30’s she learned to spin and weave and started a fiber business. Now, almost 30 years after that afternoon in the library she shares all the knowledge she has, to anyone that wants to learn. Kristina believes that everyone needs a creative outlet for their own mental health. Something that lets the imagination flow and keeps the hands busy. Something tangible where someone can beam with pride and say “I made that”.


We feel so fortunate at Dances to welcome this talented and passionate knitter and crocheter to our teaching staff. She is the former owner of the Knitting Basket on Grove Avenue in Richmond and currently works in IT. She has been doing handwork for decades and enjoys sharing her love of knitting and crocheting through her teaching.