Branding A New Adventure

Those who know me, know it is hard for me to put myself out there.  Once I decided to open Dances, I knew that I had to promote this labor of love in order for it to be successful.  Marketing and branding became essential.  I contacted the wonderful Kim Brundage of Kim Brundage Photography after seeing some of her work.  She came to understand the vision I had for my business.  We took the color palette of the store, my mission statement, and the wish I had for my customers to experience a warm and relaxed atmosphere when they walked through the doors, and we planned the session. I worked with her team and actually met or talked to Kim several times before the session, but I was still a nervous wreck when the actual day rolled around.  Kim has a way of making you feel so relaxed, and to say that she has a gift for capturing your business and its vibe is an understatement. are some of the images she captured for my marketing campaign.  I hope in the images you are able to get a sense of my vision for Dances With Wool.